Bike & Cycle Repair Prices

A simple puncture repair or something more serious, BikeMechTech‘s pricing is the most competitive around.

There is a range of prices for any repair that you might need and every repair is guaranteed for your peace of mind and safety. Check them out below.

Puncture Repair

Puncture Repair – £15.00 (includes tube)

Tyre/Tube Replacement

Tyre/Tube Replacement – £10.00

Wheel True

Wheel True  – from £15 per wheel

Hub Adjust

Hub Adjustment – £10.00 per hub

Brake Adjust

Brake Adjustment – £8.00 per brake

Brake Cable Replacement

Replace Brake Cable – £12.00 per brake

Brake Blocks/Pads Replacement

Replace Brake Blocks/Pads  – £10.00 per brake

Gear Adjust

Adjust Gears – £12.00 per mech.

Gear Cable Replacement

Replace Gear Cable – £14.00 per mech.

Front or Rear Mech Replacement

Replace Front or Rear Mech. – £20.00 each

Chain Replacement

Replace chain  – £12.00

Cassette Replacement

Replace cassette – £14.00

Chainset Replacement

Replace chainset- £18.00

Bottom Bracket Adjust

Adjust bottom bracket – £8.00

Bottom Bracket Service

Service bottom bracket – £25.00

Bottom Bracket Replacement

Replace bottom bracket – £35.00

Headset Adjust

Adjust headset  – £8.00

Headset Service

Service headset  – £25.00

Headset Replacement

Replace headset  – £40.00

Pedals Replacement

Replace pedals – £8.00

Handlebar Replacement

Replace handlebar – £15.00

Fitting Accessories

Fit accessories – from £10.00

Internet Bike Assembly

Internet bike assembly and check

Kids – £25.00
Adult – £35.00

Complete Bike Build

Build complete bike – from £80.00


Wash, clean & polish bike – from £20.00

If you require a repair or replacement that is not listed, just give me a call or email to discuss the work you want done.

Repairs And Adjustments

Prices for repairs are for labour/time only.

Bike Repair Tools

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